Project funded by POR FESR 2014-2020 – Activity 1.3.a – R&D

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"Galv-Alfatech 4.0: Developing an intelligent remote management galvanic plant service" is a path that aims to study and realize a pilot system of technical superficial treatments driven by a "cyber-physical system", that is an informatic system capable of interacting continuously with the physical system in which it operates remotely. The system will consist of physical elements, each endowed with computational capacity and will closely combine the so-called "three Cs": computational capacity, communication and control capabilities. The artificial computing and communication structures (so-called "cyber") will form a distributed system that can interact directly and dynamically with the activities of the plant around it.

The aim of R&D is to provide – in a prototypal way – the experimental validation of a service for the management of remote galvanic systems according to the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) model: the potential customer will entrust the management of a whole surface processing business process at Alfatech Srl, which will handle all procedural controls and overcome the "simple" outsourcing logic that currently governs most business orders.


Spending allowed          € 367.963,32

Contribution granted    € 189.838,60


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