Production quality and environmental protection

As an electroplating company, we carry out processes that (by their very nature) must be consciously managed and controlled in their environmental impact.

Respect for the environment has always been at the heart of our business. We dedicate ample energy and financial investments to developing technologies and metal surface treatments that limit environmental impact.

In addition to reducing emissions and waste from operations as much as possible, we strive to limit the consumption of resources, raw materials and energy and reduce waste to zero. With this in mind, our actions are guided by the ISO 14001 certification and integrated quality, environment and safety management system.

For us, it is therefore strategic to choose technologies and products that are effective with regard to both production quality standards and environmental parameters.

It is precisely with this logic in mind – bearing in mind qualitative and environmental requirements – that we offer our customers the RUVECO® TEA PLUS® Ternary Eco Alloy and RONALLOY GT 300 / T.E.A.® B coating treatments; i.e. efficient and environmentally friendly processes.

At the Alfatech facility a rigorous environmental management system has been adopted, implementing year after year not only the best practices recommended by Italian and international authorities, but also innovative solutions studied internally and in collaboration with our partners.

By monitoring the complete cycle of metal surface processing, we pursue excellence in the management of our company; because environmental sustainability should not be just a dream, but a duty to safeguard the planet and preserve the future for upcoming generations.

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Laboratory and quality control
Consistent quality for Alfatech metal surface treatments over time
Laboratory and quality control

Starting with co-design and following the entire supply chain of metal surface treatments, we pay particular attention to quality in every single stage, to ensure that we can supply the right reliable and customised components according to customer requirements.

Thanks to high standardisation and automation, our employees and technicians carefully monitor every critical parameter and every operational variable in the processes.

Automated process control is combined with continuous chemical monitoring to ensure maximum efficiency of the production lines.

Depending on demand, once the surface treatment has been completed, the parts produced are subjected to various additional checks beyond the standard ones, including the verification of hardness, dimensions, corrosion resistance, etc.

At the customer's request, we provide reports of checks carried out on the components, certifying the required technical characteristics.

In addition, if necessary, we use external laboratories for more in-depth checks.

Analysis/measurement tools

  • X-Ray
  • Couloscope
  • Fisherscope
  • Microdurometer
  • Digital micrometres
  • Equipment for volumetric analysis
  • SEM
  • ICP
  • Atomic absorption
  • Ion chromatography
  • Hull Cells