...and to finish, or start, explore why our metal surface treatments are truly innovative.

Producing large quantities of standardised and customised products is something we have taken great care of over time, so much so that often, one of the differences that makes people choose us is precisely our propensity to focus on customisation of the mass production service, tailoring it to the needs of our customers.
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We dedicate energy and financial investments to developing innovative technologies and metal surface treatments that limit environmental impact. Discover more!
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Individual growth and efficiency are the basis of Alfatech's internal logistics. With this philosophy, a new professional figure has been introduced: the Water Spider. Discover his tasks!
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A new digital experience that best express our innovative, eco-friendly and customised metal surface treatments. Discover our new website!
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The investment project includes the acquisition of technologically advanced and innovative hardware, devices and equipment, software and business management information systems for Alfatech Srl, which will allow the company to propose new products/services on the market and to be more competitive in terms of business information process management.
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The project involves the purchase and installation of technologically advanced machinery and equipment, which will enable the company to offer new products and services on the market and, therefore, to be more competitive.
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