Alfatech: the history of electroplating in Pordenone

Founded in the 1960s as PU.MA, (a chromium plating company for the mechanical-textile and household appliance sectors), in 1985 the company was purchased by the Querinuzzi family, well-known Pordenone entrepreneurs specialising in precision mechanics, and took the name Alfacrom.

Over the years, the company has expanded its field of action, successfully entering the sectors of general mechanics, hydraulics, automotive, household appliances and industrial kitchens.

In order to better respond to the needs of its customers and to comply with new European Community environmental regulations, in 2006 Alfacrom, in addition to renewing and expanding its production facilities, developed innovative technologies for metal treatment.

In 2015, the third generation of entrepreneurs took over the company and began a process of standardisation and management of system and product quality, investing human and financial commitment to create new environmentally friendly coatings and open up to new markets. To underline the ambitious goals and paradigm shift under the new management, the company changed its name from Alfacrom to AlfaTech.

Identity and values
Metal surface treatments: Alfatech's specialisation
Identity and values

We specialise in surface treatment of metals on small and medium-sized parts backed up by solid know-how acquired in over 50 years of business.

Thanks to surface treatments we improve the surface properties of metals, i.e. the part most exposed to physical stress and chemical attack, enhancing their technical characteristics.

In addition to historical treatments, such as hard chrome plating and chemical nickel plating, we offer innovative treatments, such as RUVECO® lead removal and coatings T.E.A. PLUS® Ternary Eco Alloy and RONALLOY™ GT 300 / T.E.A.®B.

These innovative treatments are environmentally friendly solutions against the release of toxic substances into drinking water and liquids for human consumption, essential for the food & beverage and direct food contact component sectors.

What sets us apart is passion for our work: we listen carefully to your needs and we co-design the most effective and environmentally friendly treatment together to get the best result, with a high and constant quality standard over time.

For customised metal surface treatments

Every project starts with a request!
We at AlfaTech like to listen carefully to the customer, analysing the conditions of use of the components in question and possible interactions, to identify the optimal machining or integration of machining operations and achieve the required technical characteristics.

Close collaboration with the customer allows us to identify the characteristics and criticalities of the components at an early stage, and then design together the most efficient and cost-effective surface treatment process for the specific component.

Thanks to the collaboration with important partners in the world of technical treatments and coating technologies, we guarantee solutions that are not only tailored to the customer's needs, but also but also reliable, environmentally friendly and high quality, constant over time.