Alfatech’s water spider: an internal logistic evolution.


The advent of the third generation leaders at AlfaTech has brought great innovations within internal logistics as well.

Forward-looking and eager to grow the company, which passed from their grandfather to their

mother and then to them, the two brothers Marco and Alessandro De Pellegrin believe in


Change understood as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

With this philosophy, a new professional figure was introduced within internal logistics: the Water Spider

Even today, the Water Spider is a rather unknown role within the unstructured realities of our territory and that is why he is often compared to a warehouse worker, but in reality this role is very different.

The role of the Water Spider benefits the entire production process by eliminating blockages and supply shortages. He (...or she) systematically follows a path to supply what is needed, in the right quantity and at the right time.

Specifically, therefore, the Water Spider has a strategic support role for each operator, whobis engaged in a workstation and therefore must have a very good knowledge of the materials, machinery and methods of the entire production process.

Here is Water Spider's path in our company.


Within AlfaTech, this new job position is held by a young woman. Daniela’s strong communication skills, dynamism and willingness to adapt made her the ideal candidate for the role of Water Spider.

Valuing individual potential is fundamental for us. Because if a person feels appreciated and plays a role congenial with his or her characteristics, he or she will work better and with greater serenity, benefiting the quality of work and human relations.



This focus on our employees represents an opportunity for our company to count on more motivated and productive people; because valuing the individual generates the enthusiasm to build new possibilities together and ensure collective well-being.

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